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cn51DBMConfigValue Class Reference

#include <hcn51.h>

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Detailed Description

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class: cn51DBMConfigValue -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

description: Configuration Value

An instance of this class represents an configuration value of the DBM. The assigment operator stores the value persistent on the hard disk. For reading the value use the casting operator for an assignment to variables of type long or char *.


Definition at line 97 of file hcn51.h.

Public Member Functions

 cn51DBMConfigValue (const tsp00_DbNamec szDbName, const tsp00_Namec szValueName)
const teo200_EventList & LastEvent ()
 operator tsp00_C512c ()
 operator tsp00_Int4 ()
 operator tsp00_Namec ()
cn51DBMConfigValue operator= (const tsp00_C512c cfgValue)
cn51DBMConfigValue operator= (const tsp00_Namec cfgValue)
cn51DBMConfigValue operator= (const tsp00_Int4 cfgValue)

Static Public Member Functions

static void endBuffering (const tsp00_DbNamec szDbName)
static void startBuffering (const tsp00_DbNamec szDbName)

Protected Member Functions

void readValue (const tsp00_DbNamec szDbName, const tsp00_Namec szName, tsp00_C512c &szValue) const
void saveValue (const tsp00_DbNamec szDbName, const tsp00_Namec szName, const tsp00_C512c szValue) const

Static Protected Member Functions

static tcn51ConfigEntry * readFile (const tsp00_DbNamec szDbName)
static void saveFile (const tsp00_DbNamec szDbName, tcn51ConfigEntry *pAnchor)

Protected Attributes

tsp00_DbNamec m_szDbName
tsp00_Namec m_szName
tsp00_C512c m_szValue

Static Protected Attributes

static teo200_EventList m_LastEvent
static tcn51ConfigEntry * m_pAnchor = NULL

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