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gen41.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Handling routines for IPC Resources.

JoergM area IPC Resources
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Definition in file gen41.h.

#include "geo00.h"
#include "gen00.h"

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externC int en41BuildDatabaseProcessScan (const char *dbn, char *Buffer, int BufferSize)
externC int en41BuildXShowCommand (const char *pgmpath, char *Buffer, int BufferSize)
externC const char * en41CheckFifo (const char *file, int mode)
externC int en41CreateServerKeyAndFirstSegment (tsp00_DbNamec VAR_ARRAY_REF dbname, SAPDB_Int4 initialSize, key_t *pBaseKey, int *pBaseShmId)
externC int en41FindDatabaseProcess (const char *Source, const char *DbName, const char *kernelpgm)
externC int en41GetDbSpeedFromFile (const char *dbname, char *speed, int size)
externC void en41GetPIDDirectory (tsp00_Pathc VAR_ARRAY_REF file)
externC int en41GetPIDFromFile (const char *dbname, tsp00_TaskId *pid)
externC int en41GetPipeFDFromFile (const char *dbname, SAPDB_Int *pipeFD)
externC void en41GetPPIDDirectory (tsp00_Pathc VAR_ARRAY_REF file)
externC int en41GetPPIDFromFile (const char *dbname, tsp00_TaskId *pid)
externC int en41RemovePipeFDFile (char *dbname)
externC int en41SetDbSpeedInFile (const char *dbname, const char *speed)
externC int en41SetPIDInFile (const char *dbname, tsp00_TaskId pid)
externC int en41SetPipeFDInFile (const char *dbname, SAPDB_Int pipeFD)
externC int en41SetPPIDInFile (const char *dbname, tsp00_TaskId pid)
externC char * sql41_attach_shm (int shmid, char *address)
externC int sql41_check_dir (tsp00_Pathc VAR_ARRAY_REF file)
externC int sql41_check_spool_dirs (void)
externC int sql41_create_fifo (tsp00_Pathc VAR_ARRAY_REF file, int perm)
externC int sql41_create_idfile (char *usertype, char *dbname, char restype, int ipcid)
externC int sql41_create_sem (key_t key, int ref, int range, int mode, uid_t uid, char *type, char *dbname)
externC int sql41_create_shm (key_t key, int ref, int range, int size, int mode, uid_t uid, char *type, char *dbname)
externC int sql41_detach_shm (char **address)
externC FILE * sql41_fopen_idfile (char *usertype, char *dbname, char restype, int ipcid)
externC void sql41_get_diag_dir (tsp00_Pathc VAR_ARRAY_REF file)
externC void sql41_get_fifo_dir (tsp00_Pathc VAR_ARRAY_REF file)
externC void sql41_get_idfile_name (tsp00_Pathc VAR_ARRAY_REF file, char *usertype, char *dbname, char restype, int ipcid)
externC void sql41_get_ipc_dir (tsp00_Pathc VAR_ARRAY_REF file)
externC void sql41_get_reply_fifo_name (tsp00_Pathc VAR_ARRAY_REF file, char *dbname, pid_t pid, tsp00_Int4 ref)
externC void sql41_get_request_fifo_name (tsp00_Pathc VAR_ARRAY_REF file, char *dbname)
externC key_t sql41_get_server_key (tsp00_DbNamec VAR_ARRAY_REF dbname)
externC void sql41_get_spool_dir (tsp00_Pathc VAR_ARRAY_REF file)
externC int sql41_remove_fifo (tsp00_Pathc VAR_ARRAY_REF file)
externC int sql41_remove_idfile (char *usertype, char *dbname, char restype, int ipcid)
externC int sql41_remove_ipc_resources (char *dbname)
externC int sql41_remove_sem (int *semid, char *type, char *dbname)
externC int sql41_remove_shm (int *shmid, char *type, char *dbname)
externC void sql41_stat_sem (int semid)
externC void sql41_stat_shm (int shmid)
externC char * sql41AttachShm (int shmid, char *address, int shmflag)

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