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externC boolean sqlgetcwdc ( char *  dirbuf,
int  buflen,
tsp01_RteError *  RteError 

Retrieves the name of the current directory.

dirbuf [out] the directory name is writtin into this buffer
buflen [in] the size of dirbuf
ferr [out] error information
true if the directory name could be copied, false otherwise.
new 28.07.98

Definition at line 5856 of file veo06.c.

#undef MF__
#define MF__ MOD__"sqlgetcwdc"            /* UNIX */
    char * getcwdResult;

    eo46_rte_error_init (RteError);
    getcwdResult = getcwd (dirbuf, buflen);
    if (getcwdResult == NULL) {
        eo46_set_rte_error (RteError, undef_ceo00, ERRMSG_VF_GETCWD, NULL);
    return (getcwdResult != NULL);

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