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externC void sqlspecialenum ( tsp05_SpecialdevKind_Param  devKind,
boolean  longInfo,
const char *  additionalInfo,
tsp05_SpecialEnumeration **  listHandle,
char *  header,
int  headerSize,
tsp05_RteFileError *  ferr 

Creates a new enumeration to iterate over special devices.

devKind [in] sdk_tapes_sp05: tape devices sdk_drives_sp05: drives (suitable only on NT)
longInfo [in] whether the enumeration shows only the item names (False) or additional information (True)
additionalInfo [in] some enumerations require/allow additional infomation (e.g. a filename pattern for UNIX tapes)
listHandle [out] a handle to be used in subsequent calls to sqlspecialnext and sqlspecialclose
header [out] will contain the field names
ferr [out] error informationnew 28.07.98

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