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externC void sqlfinfoc ( const char *  rawFName,
tsp05_RteFileInfo *  finfo,
tsp05_RteFileError *  ferr 

Returns information about the given file.

fname [in]
finfo [out] a struct containing file information
err [out] error information
If the file does not exists, finfo.sp5fi_exists is set to false and err.sp5fe_result is set to vf_ok. The runtime environment may set err.sp5fe_result to vf_notok to signal other errors (e.g. device not accessible), but finfo.sp5fi_exists must be set to false. finfo.fi_size and finfo.fi_size_x are set such that the file size can be calculated as (finfo.fi_size_x * csp_maxlongint) + finfo.fi_size (to support 64 bit file systems).

Definition at line 4185 of file veo06.c.

Referenced by cn54DBMTgz::compressDirect().

#undef MF__
#define MF__ MOD__"sqlfinfoc"
    char nameBuf [EO06_PATH_MAX_C];

    eo06_sqlfinfo (eo06_cookName (nameBuf, rawFName, UNDEF), finfo, ferr);

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