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ven11.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Client RunTime: param_functions / XParam Parameter File Functions.

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Definition in file ven11.c.

#include "gen00.h"
#include "heo01.h"
#include "heo11.h"
#include "heo46.h"
#include "geo007_1.h"
#include "geo001.h"
#include "geo007_2.h"
#include "geo57.h"
#include "hen40.h"

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struct  xp_data_struc


#define ACT   0
#define CACHE_PER_STREAM   20000
#define ERRTEXT(v, t)   { eo46CtoP(v,t,(tsp00_Int4)MAXERRORTEXT); }
#define FULL_BUFFERING   1
#define MAX_OPEN_PARAMS   3
#define MF__   MOD__"sql11c_close_xparam_file"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql11c_open_xparam_file"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql11c_GetFreeXparamSlot"
#define MOD__   "ven11.c:"
#define NEXT   1
#define NO_BUFFERING   0
#define NUM_NEW_PARAMS   50
#define NUM_START_PARAMS   200
#define ONLY_BLANKS(string)   ( strlen ( string ) == strspn ( string," " ) )
#define SEEK_BEG_OF_FILE(_fd, _ret, _errtext)
#define XP_PAGE_SIZE   ( sizeof( XP_KEY_TYPE ) + sizeof( XP_VALUE_REC ) )


typedef struct xp_data_struc XP_DATA_STRUC


externC int sql11c_close_xparam_file (tsp00_Int4 xp_fd, tsp00_Bool flush_buffer)
void sql11c_CloseXParam (tsp00_Int4 lXParamFd, tsp00_Bool fFlush, tsp00_ErrText acErrorText, tsp00_Bool *ok)
externC void sql11c_FsizeXparam ()
externC void sql11c_get_xparam_buffer (tsp00_Int4 xp_fd, char **xp_buf, tsp00_Int4 *xp_bufsiz)
externC void sql11c_get_xparam_buffer ()
static int sql11c_GetFreeXparamSlot ()
externC int sql11c_open_xparam_file (tsp00_Pathc xp_file, tsp00_Int4 OpenMode)
void sql11c_OpenXParam (tsp00_Pathc xp_file, tsp00_Int4 *lXParamFd, tsp00_ErrText acErrorText, tsp00_Int4 OpenMode, tsp00_Bool *ok)
externC void sql11c_SeqBinReadXParam (tsp00_Int4 xparam_fd, char *buf, tsp00_Int4 bytes_to_read, tsp00_Int4 *bytes_read, tsp00_ErrText errtext, tsp00_Uint1 *xp_ret)
externC void sql11c_SeqBinReadXParam ()
externC void sql11c_SeqBinWriteXParam (tsp00_Int4 xparam_fd, char *buf, tsp00_Int4 bytes_to_write, tsp00_Int4 *bytes_written, tsp00_ErrText errtext, tsp00_Uint1 *xp_ret)
externC void sql11c_SeqBinWriteXParam ()


static char BLANK_XP_KEY [] = "blank keys not allowed"
static char CANNOT_FIND_ACT_ENTRY [] = "cannot find actual entry"
static char CANNOT_FIND_PREV_ENTRY [] = "cannot find previous entry"
static char CANNOT_FIND_START_POINT [] = "cannot find start point"
static char CANNOT_OPEN_XPARAM_FILE [] = "cannot open xparam file"
static char CANNOT_READ_XP_KEY [] = "cannot read key"
static char CANNOT_READ_XP_VALUE [] = "cannot read value"
static char CANNOT_WRITE_XP_KEY [] = "cannot write key"
static char CANNOT_WRITE_XP_VALUE [] = "cannot write value"
static char EOF_REACHED [] = "end of file reached"
static char KEY_NOT_FOUND [] = "key not found"
static char NO_MORE_MEMORY [] = "not enough memory"
static char NO_XPARAM_FILE [] = "cannot find xparam file"
static char PARAMETER_ALREADY_IN_USE [] = "Parameter already in use"
static char READING_ERROR [] = "some reading error"
static char WRITING_ERROR [] = "some writing error"

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