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ven92.c File Reference

Detailed Description

UNIX main module for console (x_cons).


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Definition in file ven92.c.

#include <ctype.h>
#include <time.h>
#include "hsp100.h"
#include "heo00.h"
#include "heo00x.h"
#include "geo002.h"
#include "gen003.h"
#include "heo46.h"
#include "heo52.h"
#include "heo92.h"
#include "geo50_0.h"
#include "geo001.h"
#include "geo57.h"
#include "hen40.h"
#include "gen41.h"
#include "gen38.h"
#include "RunTime/Console/RTECons_Main.h"
#include "RunTime/RTE_ConsoleStandardOutput.h"
#include <sys/param.h>

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#define ADJUST_SHM_POINTER_EN92(pointerType_, member_)   if ( IS_POINTER_INSIDE_SHM_EN92(member_) ) member_ = (pointerType_)((unsigned long)(member_) + en92_KgsRemappingDistance)
#define DEVTRACENAME   "sqldbtrace"
#define ERR_MAP_KGS_SHMAT   11208,ERR_TYPE,"KGS ","Cannot attach to Kernel Shared Memory Segment: %s"
#define ERR_MAP_KGS_SHMAT_RDONLY_PERM   11110,ERR_TYPE,"KGS ","Cannot attach to Kernel Shared Memory Segment (RO): %s"
#define ERR_UNMAP_KGS_SHMDT   11210,ERR_TYPE,"KGS ","Kernel Shared Memory Segment shmdt error, %s"
#define IS_POINTER_INSIDE_SHM_EN92(member_)   ( ( ((unsigned long)member_) >= en92_SharedSegmentStart) && (((unsigned long)member_) < en92_SharedSegmentEnd) )
#define MAP_TO_NON_REMAPPED_POINTER(pointerType_, member_)   ( (member_) != 0 ? (pointerType_)((unsigned long)(member_) - en92_NonRemappedKgsRemappingDistance) : (pointerType_)0 )
#define MAX_NAME_BUFFER_SIZE   128
#define MF__   MOD__"en92_UnmapKgsNotRemapped"
#define MF__   MOD__ "e92_dbshow_connections"
#define MF__   MOD__"e92_unmap_shm"
#define MF__   MOD__"e92_get_key_and_map"
#define MF__   MOD__"e92_dbprofile"
#define MF__   MOD__"e92_dbcore"
#define MF__   MOD__"e92_dbcancel"
#define MF__   MOD__"main"
#define MOD__   "ven92.c"
#define MSGNO(_n)   _n, ERR_TYPE, "CONSOLE "
#define NULL   0L
#define pri   (void) printf
#define PRINT_LINES   16
#define RESET_TIME_DATES(tcb)   memset ( &(tcb->TaskStateStat), 0, sizeof ( teo52_TaskStateStatisticRec ) ) ;
#define SHM_RD_WR   2
#define spri   (void) sprintf
#define SUB_COMMAND_MAX   79
#define TICKS_TO_TIME(_ticks, _sec, _msec)
#define XCONS_INFO_LINE   "-------------------------------------------------------------------------------"
#define XCONS_SHOW_UKT_SLEEP_STAT_INFO   "UKT%-2d %10d %s %6.2f%% %10d %s %6.2f%% %4d\n"


long atol ()
int c_main (int argc, char **argv)
static int check_kernel ()
static int cmp_cmd (struct TASK_TYPE **tcb1, struct TASK_TYPE **tcb2)
static int cmp_cmd ()
static int cmp_io (struct TASK_TYPE **tcb1, struct TASK_TYPE **tcb2)
static int cmp_io ()
static int cmp_reg (struct TASK_TYPE **tcb1, struct TASK_TYPE **tcb2)
static int cmp_reg ()
static int cmp_vsusp (struct TASK_TYPE **tcb1, struct TASK_TYPE **tcb2)
static int cmp_vsusp ()
static int cmp_vwait (struct TASK_TYPE **tcb1, struct TASK_TYPE **tcb2)
static int cmp_vwait ()
static SIGNALFUNCTYPE e92_catch_signal (int sig)
static SIGNALFUNCTYPE e92_catch_signal ()
static int e92_check_ipcdb (char *dbname)
static int e92_check_ipcdb ()
SAPDB_Bool e92_checkForRunningProcesses ()
static int e92_command_driver ()
static int e92_create_shm_from_file (int argc, char **argv, int argn, int *actual_arg)
static int e92_create_shm_from_file ()
static int e92_dbcancel (PROCESS_ID taskid)
static int e92_dbcancel ()
static int e92_dbclear ()
static int e92_dbcore (int type, PROCESS_ID id)
static int e92_dbcore ()
static int e92_dbdebuglevel (int level)
static int e92_dbdebuglevel ()
static int e92_dbkill (PROCESS_ID pid)
static int e92_dbkill ()
static int e92_dbmessages ()
static int e92_dbprofile (PROCESS_ID id)
static int e92_dbprofile ()
static int e92_dbreset_cnt (int argc, char **argv, int argn, int *actual_arg)
static int e92_dbreset_cnt ()
static void e92_dbreset_iocnt ()
static void e92_dbreset_regions ()
static void e92_dbreset_sleeptime ()
static void e92_dbreset_suspend ()
static void e92_dbreset_task_cnt ()
static void e92_dbreset_task_region_cnt ()
static int e92_dbshow (int argc, char **argv, int argn, int *actual_arg)
static int e92_dbshow ()
static void e92_dbshow_aio ()
static void e92_dbshow_connections ()
static void e92_dbshow_dev_io ()
static void e92_dbshow_io ()
static void e92_dbshow_processes (int tasks_to_show, int ranking_type)
static void e92_dbshow_processes ()
static void e92_dbshow_queues ()
static void e92_dbshow_regions ()
static void e92_dbshow_rte ()
static void e92_dbshow_sleepstat ()
static void e92_dbshow_sleeptime ()
static void e92_dbshow_state ()
static void e92_dbshow_storage ()
static void e92_dbshow_suspend ()
static void e92_dbshow_task_cnt (int tid, int task_type)
static void e92_dbshow_task_cnt ()
static void e92_dbshow_task_que (int tid)
static void e92_dbshow_task_que ()
static void e92_dbshow_task_reg ()
static void e92_dbshow_task_stat (int tid)
static void e92_dbshow_task_stat ()
static void e92_dbshow_taskstack ()
static void e92_dbshow_total_stat ()
static void e92_dbshow_versions ()
static int e92_dbstart ()
static int e92_dbstop ()
static int e92_dbtop (int argc, char **argv, int argn, int *actual_arg)
static int e92_dbtop ()
static int e92_debugbreak (int argc, char **argv, int argn, int *act_arg)
static int e92_error_io (int direction, int argc, char **argv, int argn, int *act_arg)
static int e92_error_io ()
static int e92_execute_command (int argc, char **argv, int argn, int *act_arg)
static int e92_execute_command ()
static int e92_get_interval (char **argv, int argc, int argn)
static int e92_get_interval ()
static int e92_get_key_and_map ()
static int e92_get_show_long (char **argv, int argc, int argn)
static int e92_get_show_long ()
static int e92_getparam (int argc, char **argv, int argn, int *actual_arg)
static int e92_getparam ()
static int e92_help ()
static int e92_map_shm (int shmflag)
static int e92_map_shm ()
static int e92_prio_sv_w (int argc, char **argv, int argn, int *act_arg)
static int e92_putparam (int argc, char **argv, int argn, int *actual_arg)
static int e92_putparam ()
static int e92_shell (int argc, char **argv, int argn)
static int e92_shell ()
static int e92_test_interval (char **argv, int argc, int argn)
static int e92_test_interval ()
static int e92_time_measure (int argc, char **argv, int argn, int *actual_arg)
static int e92_time_measure ()
static void e92_unmap_shm ()
struct KERNEL_GLOBAL_SECTION * en92_CreateKgsMemoryCopy (struct SHARED_SEGMENT const *shmAddress)
 Using the non remapped shared memory segment, create a copy of the shared segment given.
struct KERNEL_GLOBAL_SECTION * en92_CreateShmMemoryCopy (struct SHARED_SEGMENT const *shmAddress)
int en92_has_remote_pid (struct TASK_TYPE *tcb)
void en92_kill_task (struct TASK_TYPE *tcb)
int en92_MapKgsNotRemapped (int shmid, int needWriteAccess)
char * en92_peer_node (struct TASK_TYPE *tcb)
char * en92_peer_pid (struct TASK_TYPE *tcb, char *peer_pid_buffer)
void en92_UnmapKgsNotRemapped ()
static int get_id (char *str)
static int get_id ()
char * getenv ()
static void print_task_cnts (struct TASK_TYPE *tcb)
static void print_task_prio_stat (struct TASK_TYPE *tcb)
static void print_task_region_access (struct TASK_TYPE *tcb, int pri_headline)
static void print_task_region_access ()
static void print_task_state_cnts (struct TASK_TYPE *tcb)
static void print_task_state_cnts ()
unsigned sleep ()
void sqlclock ()
void sqlinit ()
time_t time ()
long times ()


key_t common_rte_key = ((key_t)0)
int e92_access_mode = 0
int e92_break_flag = 0
int e92_interval = 0
static SIGNALFUNCTYPE(* e92_oldsigint )()
int e92_print_lines = 0
int e92_repeat = 1
int e92_repeat_inc = 1
int e92_shmid = 0
int e92_show_long = 0
long en92_KgsRemappingDistance = 0
struct KERNEL_GLOBAL_SECTION * en92_NonRemappedKgs = 0
long en92_NonRemappedKgsRemappingDistance = 0
unsigned long en92_SharedSegmentEnd = 0
unsigned long en92_SharedSegmentStart = 0
int en92_ShmIsMemoryCopy = 0
static int region_to_sort = 0
char * USAGE = "usage: console dbname [command] \n"

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