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RTESys_Spinlock.h File Reference

Detailed Description

RunTime: Spinlock C_Functions.


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Definition in file RTESys_Spinlock.h.

#include "RunTime/RTE_Types.h"
#include "RunTime/RTE_CompilerFeatures.h"
#include <string.h>

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#define RTESys_GiveUpTimeSlice()   sleep(0)
 Giveup current time slice.
#define RTESys_InitLock(lock_)   memset((RTE_Lock *)lock_, 0, sizeof(RTE_Lock))
 Initialize a given Spinlock.
#define RTESys_TestAndLock(lock_)   RTESys_AsmTestAndLock(lock_)
#define RTESys_Unlock(lock_)   RTESys_AsmUnlock(lock_)


externC bool RTESys_AsmTestAndLock (RTE_Lock *lock)
 Test and lock a given Spinlock.
externC void RTESys_AsmUnlock (RTE_Lock *lock)
 Unlock a given Spinlock.
externC SAPDB_Int4 RTESys_GetLockLoopCount ()
 Set the loop count used for multi processor hot loops.
externC void RTESys_Lock (RTE_Lock *lock)
 Lock a given Spinlock.
externC bool RTESys_TestAndLockWithStatistic (RTE_Lock *lock, SAPDB_Int8 *pCollisions, SAPDB_Int8 *pLocks)
 Test an lock with update of collision count and lock statistic.

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