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virtual void Converter_Converter::MarkPageNoAsUsed ( const tsp00_TaskId  taskId,
const Data_PageNo  pageNo,
const Data_AddressingMode  addrMode 
) [inline, virtual]

Marks a page in the converter as used.

taskId [in] task id
pageNo [in] page number to be marked as used
addrMode [in] addressing mode of the page to mark

Implements Converter_IVerify.

Definition at line 564 of file Converter_Converter.hpp.

References m_PermMapControl, m_PermStaticMapControl, and Converter_PermMapControl::MarkPageNoAsUsed().

        if( Data_Dynamic == addrMode )
            m_PermMapControl.MarkPageNoAsUsed( taskId, pageNo );
        else if( Data_Static == addrMode )
            m_PermStaticMapControl.MarkPageNoAsUsed( taskId, pageNo );

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