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IFR_Retcode IFRUtil_VDNNumber::numberToInt4 ( unsigned char *  number,
IFR_Int4 result,
int  iolength = 21 
) [static]

Convert a VDN number into a signed 4 byte integer.

number the source VDN number.
result the destination integer number.
iolength the iolength of the VDN number. This is (number of digits + 1 / 2) + 2 (Same as short field info iolength, including the defined byte).
IFR_OK if the conversion went ok, IFR_OVERFLOW if the number would be too small or too large, IFR_DATA_TRUNC if the number had decimal places which were truncated. In case of IFR_OVERFLOW, no result is stored in result.

Definition at line 232 of file IFRUtil_VDNNumber.cpp.

Referenced by IFRPacket_ResultCountPart::getResultCount().

    return number_to_integervalue(number, result, min_int4_vdnnumber, max_int4_vdnnumber, iolength);

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