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IFR_Bool IFR_DataAtExecuteDescriptor::next (  )  [inline, private]

Switch to the next 'DATA AT EXECUTE' parameter.

true if the parameter was switched, false if the parameter was not switched, because there is none remaining.

Definition at line 132 of file IFR_PreparedStmt.cpp.

References currentreadoffset, integralfinished, lastputval, lateparams, m_index, nullordefault, putdatasuccess, putvalstreamtruncated, and sizeputted.

Referenced by next(), IFR_PreparedStmt::nextParameterParamData(), IFR_PreparedStmt::nextParameterParamDataBatch(), IFR_PreparedStmt::nextParameterPutData(), and IFR_PreparedStmt::nextParameterPutDataBatch().

        if(m_index +1 >= (IFR_Int2)lateparams.GetSize()) {
            return false;

        currentreadoffset     = 0;
        nullordefault         = false;
        integralfinished      = false;
        putdatasuccess        = false;
        putvalstreamtruncated = false;
        sizeputted            = 0;
        lastputval            = 0;


        return true;

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