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void Kernel_Administration::RestartStandbyServer ( tgg00_TransContext &  restartContext  )  [private, virtual]

This is the server task which is doing the restart of a standby.

appends one entry to the backup medium definition file (dbm.mdf). (New with PTS 1129960)

  • On any error the kernel will be aborted.
  • At the end the task which called TakeOver() is resumed.

Implements Kernel_IAdminHotStandby.

Definition at line 3457 of file Kernel_Administration.cpp.

References Kernel_State::LeaveCriticalState(), m_State, m_WaitingForTakeOverReady, Offline(), and RestartIntern().

    SAPDBTRACE_METHOD_DEBUG ("Kernel_Administration::RestartStandbyServer", Common_Trace, 5);

    // go to permanent redo until Offline() or TakeOver() is called
    RestartIntern (restartContext, restartKindStandby, Kernel_Date(), Kernel_Time(), Log_IOSequenceNo());

    if ( restartContext.trError_gg00 != e_ok )
        Offline(restartContext.trError_gg00, true); // this should not be called

    if ( m_WaitingForTakeOverReady != cgg_nil_pid )


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