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Kernel_IAdminHotStandby::InsertStandbyResult Kernel_Administration::InsertStandby ( tsp00_TaskId  taskid,
const SAPDB_Char *  standbyNodeId,
SAPDBErr_MessageList errlist 
) [private, virtual]

A new standby has registered to the master and this is called at every standby.

  • This is called by the master to propagate a new standby node.
  • The new node is added to the internal node list.
    taskid is used for synchronization.
    standbyNodeId is the name of the new standby node
    errlist may be filled with any additional error message.
    The parameters must be set up for a standby configuration otherwise InsertStandbyWrongRole is returned

Implements Kernel_IAdminHotStandby.

Definition at line 3051 of file Kernel_Administration.cpp.

References Kernel_StateScope::EnterCriticalState(), RTEHSS_StandbyNodeList::Instance(), Kernel_State::IsMaster(), Kernel_State::IsStandby(), m_State, and RTEHSS_StandbyNodeList::SetWaitForSynchronize().

    SAPDBTRACE_METHOD_DEBUG ("Kernel_Administration::InsertStandby", Common_Trace, 5);

    if ( ! m_State.IsStandby() && ! m_State.IsMaster() )
        errlist = Admin_Exception(__CONTEXT__,KERNEL_COMMAND_NOT_ALLOWED,"InsertStandby","role is neither master nor standby");
        return InsertStandbyWrongRole;

    // PTS 1125942 mb 2004-02-13 synchronize insert/remove-standby by using state-information
    Kernel_StateScope state (Kernel_State::criticalStateConfiguration, m_State);
    if ( ! state.EnterCriticalState() )
        errlist = Admin_Exception(__CONTEXT__,KERNEL_CRITICAL_STATE_NOT_ENTERED,"Configuration");
        return InsertStandbyNotAllowed;

    RTE_Nodename newStandbyNode;
    strcpy ( newStandbyNode, standbyNodeId );

    SAPDB_Int4 nodeIndex;
    if ( ! RTEHSS_StandbyNodeList::Instance().AddNode(newStandbyNode, nodeIndex) )
        errlist = Admin_Exception(__CONTEXT__, KERNEL_STANDBY_NODELIST_OP_FAILED,
                                  "INSERT STANDBY", newStandbyNode);
        return InsertStandbyAddNodeFailed;
    return InsertStandbyOk;

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