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void Kernel_Administration::ClearLog ( tsp00_TaskId  taskid  )  [private, virtual]

on any error the kernel is aborted After this call the log history is lost.

taskid [in]

Implements Kernel_IAdminConfig.

Definition at line 815 of file Kernel_Administration.cpp.

References ClearLogArea(), Kernel_StateScope::EnterCriticalState(), Kernel_State::IsAdmin(), m_State, and Offline().

    SAPDBTRACE_METHOD_DEBUG ("Kernel_Administration::ClearLog", Common_Trace, 5);

    Kernel_StateScope state1 (Kernel_State::criticalStateRedo, m_State);
    Kernel_StateScope state2 (Kernel_State::criticalStateBackup, m_State);
    Kernel_StateScope state3 (Kernel_State::criticalStateConfiguration, m_State);

    if ( ! m_State.IsAdmin()
         ! state1.EnterCriticalState()
         ! state2.EnterCriticalState()
         ! state3.EnterCriticalState() )
        Offline (e_dbm_command_not_possible);

   ClearLogArea( taskid );

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