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void Log_Transaction::ReleaseSpaceAfterRedoEntryCopy ( bool  isOK  ) 

All resources for copying are released.

isOK If false, all resources are released unchanged.

Definition at line 1613 of file Log_Transaction.cpp.

References Data_BaseFile::IsCreated(), IsInitializedForRedoCopy(), LogTrans_Trace, m_Context, m_pRedoFile, Log_Transaction::Persistent::RedoFileLastPageNo, and Rst_RedoFile::ReleaseSpace().

Referenced by Rst_RedoReadTask::CopyEntry(), and RestoreLocalRedoEntries().

    SAPDBTRACE_METHOD_DEBUG ("Log_Transaction::ReleaseSpaceAfterRedoEntryCopy", LogTrans_Trace, 5);
    SAPDBERR_ASSERT_STATE ( IsInitializedForRedoCopy() );
    SAPDBERR_ASSERT_STATE ( m_pRedoFile->IsCreated() );
    if ( !isOK ) //PTS1128760 mb 2004-03-25
        m_Context.RedoFileLastPageNo = Data_PageNo(); // set to invalid value

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