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Log_Transaction & Log_Transaction::CopyFromRedoReaderToRedoJobList ( const Log_Transaction srcTrans  ) 

the pointers are not assigned.

this opertor MUST not copy the spinlock, because the RTE must allocate a new spinlock during undo/redo. So in effect this copy-operator is only neccessary for EXCLUDING members from copying

Definition at line 395 of file Log_Transaction.cpp.

References illegalTransType, LogTrans_Trace, m_Context, m_MaxSubtransNo, m_OldestKnownIOSequence, m_TransType, and m_WasOpenInLastSavepoint.

Referenced by Rst_JobEntry::Init().

    SAPDBTRACE_METHOD_DEBUG ("Log_Transaction::operator =", LogTrans_Trace, 5);
    m_Context                      = srcTrans.m_Context;
    m_MaxSubtransNo                = srcTrans.m_MaxSubtransNo;
    m_TransType                    = illegalTransType;
    m_WasOpenInLastSavepoint       = srcTrans.m_WasOpenInLastSavepoint;
    m_OldestKnownIOSequence        = srcTrans.m_OldestKnownIOSequence;
    return *this;

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