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void Log_Writer::SetState ( tsp00_TaskId  taskid,
Log_IOSequenceNo  writerioseqno,
Log_RawDeviceOffset  writeoffset,
Log_RawDeviceOffset  endoffset 
) [inline]

Updates writer state.

taskid [in] id of calling task
writerioseqno [in] ioseqno to be used for the next page
writeoffset [in] raw device offset to be used for next i/o
endoffset [in] raw device end offset

Definition at line 178 of file Log_Writer.hpp.

References Log_IOSequenceNo::IsValid(), LOG_INITIAL_IOSEQ, m_IOSequenceNo, m_WriteIterator, SetDeviceEnd(), and Log_RawDeviceIterator::SetPosition().

Referenced by Log_Volume::ResetLogWriter().

        m_IOSequenceNo = writerioseqno.IsValid() ? writerioseqno : LOG_INITIAL_IOSEQ;

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