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AVL-tree in which all the keyed objects are stored which are newly created in a version. This is necessary as the kernel is not informed about the creation of such objects and so there must be a possiblity to locate these objects without the kernel. If the cached key feature (PTS 1117571) is switched on, then if possible objects which are loaded into the local cache are inserted into this structure, too. But as this is not always possible the following invariant should be valid: Every object which is stored in this structure must be stored in the local cache but not every object in the local cache must be stored in the search structure. The advantage of storing the objects in this structure is, that now key accesses to these objects can be executed without asking the kernel first and therefore this should result in a performance improvement for accesses to objects which are already stored in the local cache.

Definition at line 69 of file OMS_ClassIdEntryDef.hpp.

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