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void RTEHSS_StandbyNodeList::RemoveNode ( SAPDB_Int4  nodeIndex  ) 

Remove a node from list of known active nodes.

Remove a node from list of known nodes.

Updates timeOfRemoveNode and sets state to 'Removed'.

nodeIndex [in] index node to mark as removed (result of FindNode call)
nodeName [in] node to remove

Definition at line 232 of file RTEHSS_StandbyNodeList.cpp.

References m_ListModificationCounter, m_NodeList, m_Spinlock, RTEHSS_StandbyNodeList::Statistic::nodeState, RTESys_MicroSecondTime(), StateRemoved, StateWaitForSynchronize, and RTEHSS_StandbyNodeList::Statistic::timeOfRemoveNode.

Referenced by Kernel_Administration::RemoveStandby().

    Statistic *nodeEntry;
    SAPDB_UInt8 now = RTESys_MicroSecondTime();
        RTESync_LockedScope Lock(m_Spinlock);
        nodeEntry = m_NodeList[nodeIndex];

        if ( StateRemoved == nodeEntry->nodeState )
            return; // remove only once...

        if ( StateWaitForSynchronize == nodeEntry->nodeState )

        nodeEntry->nodeState = StateRemoved;
        nodeEntry->timeOfRemoveNode = now;

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