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void RTEMem_BlockDescriptor::MarkAsSplittedBlock ( RTEMem_BlockDescriptor blockWhichHasBeenSplitted,
void *  splittedChunkAddress,
SAPDB_ULong  splittedBlockCount 
) [inline]

Initialize block as splitted If a block was found in the free list for a smaller block request, the unsplitted block is splitted. A possible 'free' memory request on the free list can use this information, to free only those blocks which are not splitted. Marking a splitted block marks both the block which has been splitted and the splinter. If a splinter is further splitted its first splinter pointer is not set otherwise it points to itself. The last splinters next splinter pointer is always set to null.

blockWhichHasBeenSplitted [in] the block which has been splitted
splittedChunkAddress [in] the starting address of the splitted chunk
splittedBlockCount [in] the block size of the spliter

Definition at line 167 of file RTEMem_SystemPageCache.hpp.

References m_BlockAddress, m_FirstSplinter, m_FreeBlockCount, and m_NextSplinter.

Referenced by RTEMem_SystemPageCache::ReinsertRemainingSplinter().

        if ( !blockWhichHasBeenSplitted->m_FirstSplinter )
            blockWhichHasBeenSplitted->m_FirstSplinter = blockWhichHasBeenSplitted;
        m_FirstSplinter    = blockWhichHasBeenSplitted->m_FirstSplinter;
        m_NextSplinter     = blockWhichHasBeenSplitted->m_NextSplinter;
        blockWhichHasBeenSplitted->m_NextSplinter = this;
        m_BlockAddress     = splittedChunkAddress;
        m_FreeBlockCount   = splittedBlockCount;

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