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void SAPDBMem_RawAllocator::SetAllocator ( void *  p,
SAPDBMem_IRawAllocator pAllocator 
) [static, inherited]

stores a pointer to an allocator into a memory chunk. The memory chunk must have been provided by a call of SAPDBMem_RawAllocator::Allocate.

p [in] pointer to the memory chunk
pAllocator [in] pointer to an allocator

Definition at line 2583 of file SAPDBMem_RawAllocator.cpp.

References SAPDBMem_RawAllocator::CChunk::prev.

   CChunk* pChunk = SAPDBMem_RawAllocator::CChunk::Mem2Chunk(p);
   pChunk->prev = REINTERPRET_CAST(CChunkPtr, pAllocator);    

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