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SQLMan_MessBlock Class Reference

#include <SQLMan_MessBlock.hpp>

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Detailed Description

encalsulation of the pascal type tgg00_messBlock

Definition at line 43 of file SQLMan_MessBlock.hpp.

Public Member Functions

tsp00_MoveObj & DataBuf ()
 returns a reference to the data buffer
SAPDB_Int4 DataLength () const
 returns the current length of the data part
SAPDB_Int4 & DataLength ()
 returns a reference to the current length of the data part
tsp00_MoveObjPtr DataPtr ()
 returns a pointer to the data part
SAPDB_Int4 & DataSize ()
 returns the size of the data part
SQLMan_DateTimeFormatDateTimeFormat ()
void DestroyParts (SAPDBMem_IRawAllocator &allocator)
 deletes memory for mess block parts in given allocator
SAPDB_Int FirstFree () const
SAPDB_Int2 & FirstFree ()
SAPDB_Int4 GetOutputDescCount () const
 returns amount of stack entries comprises output description
bool GetQualBool () const
SAPDB_Int GetQualCount () const
SAPDB_Int GetQualPos () const
SAPDB_Int4 GetResOutputDescCount () const
 returns amount of stack entries comprises result output description
SQLMan_StrategyGetStrategyPtr ()
 returns a pointer to the actual strategy
SQLMan_SurrogateGetTableId () const
 returns the table identification
bool HasOutputCols () const
 returns true if qualification contains output description
bool HasResultOutputCols () const
 returns true if result qualification (more phase handling) contains output description
void InvalidateTransaction ()
 invalidates the transaction info stored in the mess block.
SAPDB_Int MaxWorkStack () const
SAPDB_Int2 & MaxWorkStack ()
SQLMan_MessStructMessStructure ()
 returns a reference to the mess block structur
SQLMan_MessTypeMessType ()
 returns a reference to the mess block type
SQLMan_MessType2MessType2 ()
 returns a reference to the mess block sub type
SAPDB_Int QualCount () const
SAPDB_Int2 & QualCount ()
SAPDB_Int4 QualLength () const
SAPDB_Int4 & QualLength ()
SAPDB_Int QualPos () const
SAPDB_Int2 & QualPos ()
tsp00_MoveObjPtr QualPtr ()
 returns a pointer to the qual part
SAPDB_Int4 & QualSize ()
SAPDB_Int ResQualCount () const
SAPDB_Int2 & ResQualCount ()
SAPDB_Int ResQualPos () const
SAPDB_Int2 & ResQualPos ()
void SetData (void *p=NULL, SAPDB_Int4 size=0)
void SetQual (void *p=NULL, SAPDB_Int4 size=0)
void SetStack (void *p=NULL, SAPDB_Int4 size=0)
void SetStrat (void *p=NULL, SAPDB_Int4 size=0)
void SetValueArr (void *p=NULL, SAPDB_Int4 max=0)
SQLMan_SqlModeSqlMode ()
const SQLMan_StackEntryStackEntry (int idx) const
SQLMan_StackEntryStackEntry (int idx)
SQLMan_StackEntryStackEntryPtr (int idx)
SAPDB_Int4 StackSize () const
SAPDB_Int4 & StackSize ()
SAPDB_Int StratCnt () const
SAPDB_Int2 & StratCnt ()
SAPDB_Int4 StratLength () const
SAPDB_Int4 & StratLength ()
SAPDB_Int StratPos () const
SAPDB_Int2 & StratPos ()
tsp00_MoveObjPtr StratPtr ()
 returns a pointer to the strat part
SAPDB_Int4 StratSize () const
SAPDB_Int4 & StratSize ()
SAPDB_Int2 & StringCount ()
SAPDB_Int2 & StringPos ()
SAPDB_Int4 ValIdx () const
SAPDB_Int4 & ValIdx ()
SAPDB_Int2 & ValIdxMax ()
tsp00_MoveObjPtr WorkBufPtr ()
 returns a pointer to the work buffer part
SAPDB_Int4 WorkBufSize () const
SAPDB_Int4 & WorkBufSize ()
tsp00_MoveObjPtr WorkStackPtr ()
 returns a pointer to the work stack part

Static Public Member Functions

static void * CreateCopy (const SQLMan_MessBlock &source, SAPDBMem_IRawAllocator &allocator, int offset, SAPDB_UInt4 &memoryUsage)
 creates a copy of a messblock on the heap using a given allocator

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