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SAPDB_Bool Studio_DBFSObject::getDBFSError ( Tools_DynamicUTF8String sOut  ) 

------------------------------------------------------------------------- function: getDBFSError description: send a dbfs error arguments: [in] sResponse, container for HTTP response

return value: true if success


Definition at line 183 of file Studio_DBFSObject.cpp.

References Studio_Connection::getDBCHandle().

Referenced by closeDir(), closeFile(), copyItem(), createFile(), createFolder(), deleteFile(), deleteFolder(), getValidDBFS(), moveItem(), openDir(), openFile(), readFile(), readFileBytes(), renameItem(), status(), and writeFile().


      if(m_poConnection == NULL){

            sOut = (SAPDB_UTF8*)ST_ERR016;        
            return SAPDB_FALSE;
      //check some pointers
      if (m_poConnection->getDBCHandle() == NULL) {         

            sOut = ST_ERR001;
            return SAPDB_FALSE;
      if (m_pDBFS == NULL) {

            sOut = (SAPDB_UTF8*)ST_ERR002;
            return SAPDB_FALSE;

      SAPDB_UTF8 sBuffer[512];

      //init SAPDB_Bool value
      sapdbwa_Bool connectionDown = SAPDB_TRUE; 
      //get error object
      sapdbwa_ErrP pError = wd101GetErr(m_pDBFS);
      if (pError == NULL) return SAPDB_FALSE;   
      if (sapdbwa_CheckDBC(m_poConnection->getDBCHandle(),
                              &connectionDown)) {

            if (connectionDown == SAPDB_FALSE) {                   

                  if (sapdbwa_GetErrId(pError) != sapdbwa_Error_NoError) {

                     sapdbwa_CopyErrMsg(pError,(char*)sBuffer, sizeof (sBuffer));
                  sOut = Tools_DynamicUTF8String((SAPDB_UTF8*)sBuffer);
                  return SAPDB_FALSE;
                  sOut = (SAPDB_UTF8*)ST_ERR014;            
            sOut = (SAPDB_UTF8*)ST_ERR015;                              
      return SAPDB_TRUE;

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