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Tools_EventLogFile::Tools_EventLogFile ( const int  nEventsToLog,
const Tools_DynamicUTF8String aHeaderString1,
const Tools_DynamicUTF8String aHeaderString2,
const Tools_DynamicUTF8String aSourceName,
const Tools_DynamicUTF8String aResourceLibrary = "",
teo200_EventList *  EvtList = NULL 


aHeaderString1 [IN] first line of event text in event viewer
aHeaderString2 [IN] first line of event text in event viewer (after this line, there is a blank line in event viewer). The real informative event text follows after the blank line.
aResourceLibrary [IN] path to and including the name of the library (DLL), that contains the message IDs. See descrption of this class and Microsoft's description for making event log entries.
aSourceName [IN] string to appear in source column of event viewer
nEventsToLog [IN] types of events to log (possible values: LOG_INF_MIN105, LOG_WRN_MIN105, LOG_ERR_MIN105, LOG_ALL_MIN105 (see hin105.h)). Defaults to LOG_ALL_MIN105.
EvtList [IN] list of events to be written to event log immediately after successful creation of the object.
See also:

Definition at line 69 of file Tools_EventLogFile.cpp.

References bConnected, modifyRegistry(), sHeaderText1, and sHeaderText2.

        : sHeaderText1(aHeaderText1),
    // headers should appear in separate lines
    sHeaderText1 += "\r\n";
    sHeaderText2 += "\r\n\r\n";

    if( bConnected && EvtList != NULL ) {
        // write events if we get some

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