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bool Trace_KernelFullEntry::Materialize ( tsp00_BytePtr  pDestination,
SAPDB_Int4  DestinationSize 
) const [virtual]

------------------------------------------------------------------------- function: Materialize description: This method is used to store the trace entry within the memory trace buffers. The trace entry consists of the proper trace entry body, the internal header and the common trace entry header containg information about transaction, task session and so on. arguments: pDestination [in] points to the destination DestinationSize [in] gives the size of the destination in bytes return value: true means that the materialization was successful; else false --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Definition at line 334 of file Trace_Entry.cpp.

References GetSize().

    if ( this->GetSize() > DestinationSize ) 
        return( false );
    // Copy m_header to destination
    memcpy( pDestination, &m_Header, sizeof( m_Header ));
    pDestination    += sizeof( m_Header );
    DestinationSize -= sizeof( m_Header );

    // Build entry body on destination space
    return( m_Info.Materialize( pDestination, DestinationSize ));

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