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bool Trace_OverflowEntry::Materialize ( tsp00_BytePtr  pDestination,
SAPDB_Int4  DestinationSize 
) const [virtual]

------------------------------------------------------------------------- function: Materialize description: This method is used to store the trace entry within the memory trace buffers. The trace entry consists of the proper trace entry body and the internal header. arguments: pDestination [in] points to the destination DestinationSize [in] gives the size of the destination in bytes return value: true means that the materialization was successful; else false --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Definition at line 110 of file Trace_Entry.cpp.

References GetSize().

    if ( this->GetSize() > DestinationSize )
        return( false );
    SAPDB_Int4 Offset = 0;

    //Copy current part number into the trace
    memcpy( pDestination, &m_PartCount, sizeof( m_PartCount ));
    Offset += sizeof( m_PartCount );

    // Copy original trace layer of the complete entry into the trace
    memcpy(( pDestination + Offset ), &m_OriginalLayer, sizeof( m_OriginalLayer ));
    Offset += sizeof( m_OriginalLayer );

    // Copy proper entry into the trace
    memcpy(( pDestination + Offset ), m_pEntry, m_EntrySize );
    return( true );

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