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bool Trace_PageEntry::Materialize ( tsp00_BytePtr  pDestination,
SAPDB_Int4  DestinationSize 
) const [inline, virtual]

------------------------------------------------------------------------- function: Materialize() description: This method is used to materialize the current trace entry to another location. If the trace entry is greater than the available space no materialization is done. arguments: pDestination [in] pointer to the new position. DestinationSize [in] size in bytes of the destination. return value: true means trace entry was materialized; else false --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Definition at line 598 of file Trace_Page.hpp.

    if ( NULL == m_pEntry )
        return( false );
    if ( m_Header.vhLen_gg11 > DestinationSize ) 
        return( false );
    memcpy( pDestination, m_pEntry, m_Header.vhLen_gg11 );
    return( true );

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