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sapdbwa_Bool sapdbwa_HttpRequest::MimeMultipartBody_PartBody ( const char *  boundary,
char *  buff,
sapdbwa_ULong  len,
sapdbwa_ULong &  readBytes,
sapdbwa_Bool &  moreData,
sapdbwa_Bool &  moreParts 
) [inline]

********************************************************************** Function: MimeMultipartBody_PartBody

description: (Terms in square brackets denote productions from the BNF for mime-multipart messages in RFC 1521.) Input parameter 'boundary' is a null-terminated ascii string and contains the [boundary]. This function reads up to (and including) the next [delimiter] or [close-delimiter] and returns the data in 'buff', which must be provided with (at least) size 'len'. The number of bytes actually returned in 'buff' is returned in '*readBytes'. If the output parameter '*moreData' is set to true, more data of this mime part is available in a subsequent call to this function. The output buffer 'buff' does not include the [delimiter] or [close-delimiter] , nor is it null terminated. If a [close-delimiter] was found, the output parameter '*moreParts' is set to false, in case of a [delimiter] it is set to true. The function 'sapdbwa_ReadBody' could subsequently be used to read the optional [epilogue].

arguments: boundary [in] The current mime multipart [boundary] as extracted from the request header or or the header of a nested mime part. buff [out] Memory buffer the data is written to. len [in] Length of buffer. readBytes [out] Number of bytes read into the memory buffer. moreData [out] Is true if more data of the current [body-part] is available in the request body for a subsequent call. moreParts [out] Is false if the [close-delimiter] has been encountered

return value: True, or false if an error occurred.

Definition at line 1672 of file hwd02waapi.h.

    return sapdbwa_MimeMultipartBody_PartBody(this->req, boundary, buff, len, &readBytes, &moreData, &moreParts);
} /* MimeMultipartBody_PartBody */

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