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gen42.h File Reference

Detailed Description

create/extract/read/write remote sql_packets

JoergM area remote_sql_functions
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Definition in file gen42.h.

#include "gsp00.h"
#include "gsp01.h"
#include "gen00.h"

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externC void en42FillErrText (tsp00_ErrTextc VAR_ARRAY_REF pErrText, char const *format,...)
externC tsp00_Longuint en42Receive (void *RecvHandle, char *pData, tsp00_Longuint ulMaxDataLen, tsp00_Longuint *BytesReceived, tsp00_ErrTextc VAR_ARRAY_REF pErrText)
externC tsp00_Longuint en42SocketSendPacket (void *SendHandle, char *pData, int Len, tsp00_ErrTextc VAR_ARRAY_REF pErrText)
externC void sql42_create_conpkt (rte_header *header, int messclass, tsp00_Int4 myref, tsp00_Int4 peerref, int retcode, int service, long maxsegsiz, long maxdata, long pktsize, long minreply, char *mydb, char *peerdb)
externC void sql42_extract_conpkt (rte_header *header, int *messclass, tsp00_Int4 *myref, tsp00_Int4 *peerref, int *retcode, int *service, long *maxsegsiz, long *maxdata, long *pktsize, long *minreply, int *swap_type, char *mydb, char *peerdb)
externC void sql42_get_int1 (rte_header *header, char type, tsp00_Uint1 *valuep)
externC void sql42_get_int4 (rte_header *header, char type, tsp00_Int4 *valuep)
externC void sql42_get_long (rte_header *header, char type, long *valuep)
externC void sql42_get_string (rte_header *header, char type, int size, char *str)
externC void sql42_put_int1 (rte_header *header, char type, tsp00_Uint1 value)
externC void sql42_put_int4 (rte_header *header, char type, tsp00_Int4 value)
externC void sql42_put_long (rte_header *header, char type, long value)
externC void sql42_put_string (rte_header *header, char type, char *str)
externC int sql42_recv_conpkt (int sd, rte_header *header, int *statep, tsp00_ErrTextc VAR_ARRAY_REF pErrText)
externC int sql42_send_conpkt (int sd, rte_header *header, tsp00_ErrTextc VAR_ARRAY_REF pErrText)
externC void sql42_unpack_int2 (int typ, tsp00_Int2 src, tsp00_Int2 *dst)
externC void sql42_unpack_int4 (char typ, tsp00_Int4 src, tsp00_Int4 *dst)

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