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heo69.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Accounting functions (Stack,Timing,IOs etc.).

JoergM area Accounting
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Definition in file heo69.h.

#include "gsp00.h"
#include "RunTime/RTE_Types.h"

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#define SECURITY_BUFFER_MXEO69   en81_MemPageSize


externC void vccheck (RTE_TaskId taskid, SAPDB_Int4 VAR_VALUE_REF time)
 Get number of milliseconds since last call to vcinit().
externC void vcinit (RTE_TaskId taskid)
 Reset Millisecond counter.
externC void viocheck (RTE_TaskId taskid, SAPDB_Int4 VAR_VALUE_REF no)
 Get direct IO counter since last call to vioinit().
externC void vioinit (RTE_TaskId taskid)
 Reset task specific IO counter.
externC void vmonitor (RTE_TaskId taskid, SAPDB_Int4 VAR_VALUE_REF phys_ios, SAPDB_Int4 VAR_VALUE_REF suspends, SAPDB_Int4 VAR_VALUE_REF waits)
 Get task specific counter.
externC void vscheck (SAPDB_Int4 VAR_VALUE_REF LeftStackSize)
 Returns the number of bytes left on the stack.
externC void vsfill ()
 Fill stack with pattern.
externC void vsGetCmdMax (RTE_TaskId taskId, SAPDB_Int4 VAR_VALUE_REF cmdMax)
 Returns the currently known max stack usage of given task.
externC void vsinit ()
 Initialization of stack checking code.
externC void vsoverflow ()
externC void vsReinit (RTE_TaskId taskId, SAPDB_Int4 maxUsed)
 Reinitialize the current stack.
externC void vsResetCmdMax (RTE_TaskId taskId)
 Reset the currently known max stack usage of given task.
externC void vsscan (SAPDB_Int4 VAR_VALUE_REF MaxStackLeft)
 Return number of bytes used on stack since last call to vsfill().
externC void vsShowMaxStackUse (RTE_TaskId taskId, const char *taskTypeName)
 Show maximum stack usage of givben task in knldiag.


long en81_MemPageSize
 Calls vabort of stack overflow was detected.

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