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void sqlFreeSharedMem ( void *  ShmAddress,
const unsigned int  SizeInBytes 

Free a shared memory chunk

This releases a mapped shared memory chunk from process. Since the UNIX Interface needs the size of the previous allocated chunk, the size information is needed when returning the chunk too. ShmAddress [in] Address returned by a previous call to sqlAllocSharedMem SizeInBytes [in] Number of bytes requested by a previous call to sqlAllocSharedMem value none

Definition at line 1767 of file ven41.c.

#undef MF__
#define MF__ MOD__"sqlFreeSharedMem"

    if ( munmap( (char *)ShmAddress, SizeInBytes ) != 0 )
        MSGD ((ERR_MUNMAP_SYSCALL, ShmAddress, SizeInBytes, sqlerrs()));


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