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veo906.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

DBMServer communication.

RaymondR area DBMServer communication
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Definition in file veo906.cpp.

#include "gsp01.h"
#include "geo00_2.h"
#include "geo60.h"
#include "geo200.h"
#include "geo906.h"
#include "geo907.h"
#include "geo007_1.h"
#include <signal.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

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static teo906_Connection * eo906_Connect (int argc, char *argv[], char const **const ppServerDB, char const **const ppDBRoot, bool &fIsLoggedOn, bool &fCouldLogOn, tsp00_Int4 &iCallerid)
static void eo906_PrintEvtLst (teo200_EventList &EvtLst)
static tsp01_CommErr_Enum eo906_Receive (teo906_Connection *pConnection, char **ppRecvDataBuffer, int *pRecvLen, char **ppSendDataBuffer, int *const pMaxSendLen)
static void eo906_Release (teo906_Connection *pConnection)
static tsp01_CommErr_Enum eo906_Send (teo906_Connection *pConnection, int const SendLen)
static bool eo906_StartCancelThreadOrProcess (teo906_Connection *pConnection)
static bool eo906_StopCancelThreadOrProcess (teo906_Connection *pConnection)
static void eo906_WatcherProcess (teo906_Connection *pConnection)
void sqlxservexit (void *pConnection)
void sqlxservinit (void **ppConnection, int argc, char *argv[], char *ServerDB, char *DBRoot, BOOLEAN *LoggedOnPtr, BOOLEAN *CouldLogOnPtr, int *CallerIdPtr, tsp01_CommErr *commErr)
void sqlxservrecv (void *pConnection, char **RecvDataBuffer, int *RecvLen, char **SendDataBuffer, int *MaxSendLen, tsp01_CommErr *commErr)
void sqlxservsend (void *pConnection, int SendLen, tsp01_CommErr *commErr)

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