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externC SAPDB_UInt8 RTESys_MicroSecondTime (  ) 

Returns microsecond since since 1.1.1970 0:00 UTC.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Used as input for RTESys_BuildSQLTimeStamp to generate SQL time stamps. This call is not used to get timestamps for intenal timing measurements, so it is not called very frequently, but it should be as precise as possible and always monotonic ascendend.

Microseconds since 1.1.1970 0:00 UTC

Definition at line 209 of file RTESys_MicroTime.c.

References void().

Referenced by RTEHSS_StandbyNodeList::AddNode(), RTEHSS_StandbyNodeList::AddSynchronizeCallResult(), RTEHSS_StandbyNodeList::Deactivate(), RTEHSS_KernelInterface::GotInitStandby(), RTEHSS_StandbyNodeList::GotPrepareStandby(), RTEHSS_StandbyNodeList::GotRegisterStandby(), RTEHSS_KernelInterface::GotRestartStandby(), RTEHSS_KernelInterface::GotSynchronize(), RTEHSS_KernelInterface::GotTakeover(), RTEHSS_StandbyNodeList::RemoveNode(), RTEHSS_KernelInterface::SendPrepareStandby(), RTEHSS_KernelInterface::SendRegisterStandby(), and RTE_KGS::SetDBState().

#if defined(WIN32)
    static FILETIME the_epoch = { 3577643008UL, 27111902UL };

    SYSTEMTIME currentTime;
    union {
        SAPDB_UInt8 asUInt8;
    } now;

    SystemTimeToFileTime(&currentTime, &now.asFILETIME);
    return ( (now.asUInt8 - (*(SAPDB_UInt8 *)&the_epoch)) / 10 );
    struct timeval      tv ;

    (void) gettimeofday ( &tv , (void *)0 );

    return ( RTESYS_SECONDS_TO_MICROSECONDS(tv.tv_sec) + tv.tv_usec );

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