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DBMSrvKnl_Session Class Reference

#include <DBMSrvKnl_Session.hpp>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Kernel session object.

One object of this class represents a kernel session

Definition at line 90 of file DBMSrvKnl_Session.hpp.

Public Types

enum  ResultType {
  resultUnknown, resultNothing, resultError, resultMessage,
  resultUtility, resultSQL
 result type
enum  TaskType { taskUnknown, taskNormal, taskFallback, taskEvent }
 task type

Public Member Functions

 DBMSrvKnl_Session ()
bool EventConnect (const char *szDB)
 connect to event task
bool Execute (const char *szCommand)
 execute a statement
bool Execute (const char *szCommand, ResultType &oResultType)
 execute a statement
bool FallbackConnect (const char *szDB, const char *szUser, const char *szPassword)
 connect to fallback task
Tools_DynamicUTF8String FieldName (const SAPDB_Int4 nField)
 name of a field
bool GetValue (const SAPDB_Int4 nField, DBMSrv_SQLField &oField)
 get a field value
bool IsConnected ()
 get connect flag
const SAPDBErr_MessageList KernelMessage ()
 Returns the kernel message.
const SAPDBErr_MessageListLastMessage ()
 Returns the last message.
bool NormalConnect (const char *szDB, const char *szUser, const char *szPassword)
 connect to user task
SAPDB_Int4 ParamCount ()
 parameter count of answer
tsp1_param_info * ParamInfo ()
 parameter info of answer
bool Receive (ResultType &oResultType)
 receive a answer after request
bool Release ()
 release a connection
bool Request (const char *szCommand)
 execute a request with statement
 ~DBMSrvKnl_Session ()

Private Member Functions

bool Connect (TaskType oTaskType, const char *szDB)
 connect to a task
bool ConnectUser (const char *szUser, const char *szPassword)
 connect connect user to session
bool FetchRecord (bool &bEnd, bool bFirst=false)
 fetch record
void ReadErrorText (PIn_ReplySegment &oSegment)
 private member
tsp1_packet * Receive ()
 receive answer from kernel
bool Request (SAPDB_Int4 nRequestLength)
 send request to kernel
void Reset ()
 reset all members of the object

Private Attributes

bool bAutoCommit
 auto commit flag
bool bConnected
 connect flag
SAPDB_Int4 nPacketSize
 size of paket
SAPDB_Int4 nSessionHandle
 kernel session handle
SAPDB_Int4 nUnicode
 unicode flag
SAPDBErr_MessageList oMessageList
 Messagelist object.
tsp1_packet * pPacket
 request packet
tsp1_packet * pReceivePacket
 receive packet
tsp00_Namec szPwd
tsp00_KnlIdentifierc szUser


class DBMSrv_SQLRecord

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