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DBMSrv_SQLRecord Class Reference

#include <DBMSrvKnl_Session.hpp>

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Detailed Description

SQL Record Object.

Definition at line 242 of file DBMSrvKnl_Session.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 DBMSrv_SQLRecord (const DBMSrv_SQLRecord &aRecord)
 DBMSrv_SQLRecord (DBMSrvKnl_Session &oSession)
bool exists (const Tools_DynamicUTF8String &szField)
 check the existence of a field
bool exists (const SAPDB_Int4 nField)
 check the existence of a field
Tools_DynamicUTF8String fieldAsChar (const Tools_DynamicUTF8String &szField, const char cStringQuote=0)
 returns a field contents
Tools_DynamicUTF8String fieldAsChar (const SAPDB_Int4 nField, const char cStringQuote=0)
 returns a field contents
SAPDB_Int4 fieldAsInt (const Tools_DynamicUTF8String &szField)
 returns a field contents
SAPDB_Int4 fieldAsInt (const SAPDB_Int4 nField)
 returns a field contents
Tools_DynamicUTF8String fieldName (const SAPDB_Int4 nField)
 returns a field name
SAPDB_Int4 fieldNumber (const Tools_DynamicUTF8String &szField)
 returns a field number
SAPDB_Int4 fields ()
 returns the number of fields
tsp00_DataType fieldType (const Tools_DynamicUTF8String &szField)
 returns a field type
tsp00_DataType fieldType (const SAPDB_Int4 nField)
 returns a field type
bool getNextRecord (bool &bEnd)
 gets the nex record
bool isNull (const Tools_DynamicUTF8String &szField)
 returns a the nullvalue flag
bool isNull (const SAPDB_Int4 nField)
 returns a the nullvalue flag
DBMSrv_SQLRecordoperator= (const DBMSrv_SQLRecord &aRecord)
 assignment operator
 ~DBMSrv_SQLRecord ()

Private Member Functions

bool IsString (tsp00_DataType aDataType)
 check for string

Private Attributes

SAPDB_Int4 nParamCount
 private member
 private member
tsp1_param_info * pParamInfo
 private member

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