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Data_ChainSplitSpaceBackwardRead< PAGE >::Iterator Class Reference

#include <Data_ChainSplitSpaceBackwardRead.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<class PAGE>
class Data_ChainSplitSpaceBackwardRead< PAGE >::Iterator

Iterator for records in the chain.

Definition at line 56 of file Data_ChainSplitSpaceBackwardRead.hpp.

Public Types

< PAGE > 
 define the container on which the iterator operates

Public Member Functions

virtual bool Break ()
 This releases all resources (pages in datacache).
bool CheckAccessMode (Data_AccessMode accessmode) const
 Check the given access mode of all referenced pages.
virtual bool Continue ()
 This resumes the state of a previous Break().
void Delete ()
 The resources of the iterater are deleted.
PAGE & GetCurrentPage ()
 This returns the handle of the current page.
void GetPosition (Data_PageNo &pno, Data_PageOffset &offset)
 This returns the position where the iterator points to.
Data_SplitRecordLength GetSize ()
 Without assigning the complete record space.
bool Initialize (Data_AccessMode AccessMode=Data_ForUpdate)
 The iterater is initialized.
void Invalidate (bool isOK=true)
 This releases all allocated internal members.
bool IsValid () const
 if the part is complete must be tested outside.
 Iterator (Data_PageAccessManager &PAM, SAPDBMem_IRawAllocator &Allocator)
 The iterater is not initialized and at first invalid.
RecordSpaceoperator* ()
 This returns the record, which is currently referenced.
Iteratoroperator-- ()
 The iterator is set to the previous record.
bool SetPosition (Data_PageNo pno, Data_PageOffset offset, Data_AccessMode accessmode)
 The iterator is set to the specified position.
virtual void WriteToTrace (const char *title) const
 Writes the important members to the knltrace.
 ~Iterator ()
 deallocates everything

Private Member Functions

virtual bool Assign (Data_PageNo PageNo, Data_PageOffset Offset, Data_AccessMode AccessMode)
 The Iterator is set to the last record in the given page.
void AssignRecordspace (Data_SplitSpaceBackwardReadIterator &RecordIter)
 The internal record space of the Split record is initialized.
RecordSpaceGetRecordSpace ()
 returns a reference to the internal record space.
void SetAssigned (bool IsAssigned)
 Set the isAssigned flag. Is Needed for Reserve.

Private Attributes

BreakInfo m_BreakInfo
 This is used by Break() and Continue().
 page access manager
Data_SplitSpaceBackwardReadIterator m_RecordIterator
 internally used record iterator
RecordSpace m_RecordSpace
 This refers to the space of the current record.
bool m_RecordSpaceIsComplete
 if this is true, the record space is correctly assigned.


class Data_ChainSplitSpaceBackwardRead< PAGE >
 access directly members of the container.


struct  BreakInfo
 defines BreakInfo More...

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