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void cbd500_Tree::bd530GetRecord ( tsp00_KeyPtr  pKey,
tsp00_Int4  KeyLen,
tgg00_RecPtr &  pRec 

function: bd530GetRecord description: points to a specified record.

arguments: Key [in] specifies the record pRec [out] points to a byte-string for the updated record

Definition at line 305 of file vbd530.cpp.

References bd500FindNode(), cbd600_Node::bd600RecPtr(), and cbd600_Node::bd600SearchRecord().

      ROUTINE_DBG_MEO00 ("bd530GetRecord");

      tsp00_Int4       RecIndex;
      tbd_searchresult SearchResult;
      bd500FindNode (pKey, KeyLen, LEAF_LEVEL_BD00);
    if (m_TrError != e_ok) return;

      m_Node.bd600SearchRecord (pKey, KeyLen, RecIndex, SearchResult);
      if (m_TrError != e_ok) return;

      if ( thisfound != SearchResult )
            m_TrError = e_key_not_found;
      pRec = m_Node.bd600RecPtr(RecIndex);

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