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void cbd520_Separator::bd520Print (  )  [inline]

function: bd520Print description: This can, in slow kernels, print the separator.

Definition at line 281 of file gbd520.h.

References bd520KeyLen(), bd520KeyPtr(), bd520LeafCount(), bd520SubNodeId(), and m_pRec.

Referenced by bd520Check(), and bd520CreateNew().

    if ( NULL == m_pRec )
        t01name   (bd_index, "SEP: is NIL       ");
        t01p2int4 (bd_index,  "SEP: SubNode", bd520SubNodeId(),
                              "SEP: LeafCnt", bd520LeafCount());
        t01name    (bd_index, "SEP: Key          ");
        t01moveobj (bd_index, bd520KeyPtr(), POS_OFF_DIFF_BD00, bd520KeyLen());

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