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cgg200_MergeSource< Element > Class Template Reference

#include <ggg200.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class Element>
class cgg200_MergeSource< Element >

endchapter: In-memory sorting

Chapter: External sorting

description: Generic sort algorithms suitable for data from external media.

class: cgg200_MergeSource

description: Base class for the source of the lists that should be merged via the 'gg200Merge' function.

notes: The actual implementation might access arrays of elements in memory, or might get the elements from external media.

template arguments: Element The type of the elements the source supplies.

Definition at line 289 of file ggg200.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool gg200GetCurrentListElement (unsigned int numList, Element &target)=0
virtual tsp00_Uint4 gg200GetListCount ()=0
virtual void gg200GotoNextListElement (unsigned int numList)=0
virtual ~cgg200_MergeSource ()

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