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cn50DBMUser Class Reference

#include <hcn50.h>

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Detailed Description

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class: cn50DBMUser -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

description: DBM User Object

An instance of this class represents an User of the database instance


Definition at line 230 of file hcn50.h.

Public Types

typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct

Public Member Functions

bool checkMasterPwd (tsp00_Namec const szValue)
bool checkSecondPwd (tsp00_Namec const szValue)
void clear ()
 cn50DBMUser (tsp00_DbNamec const szDBName, tcn00_UserNamec const szUserName)
 cn50DBMUser (tsp00_DbNamec const szDBName)
 cn50DBMUser ()
tcn00_Error deleteUsr ()
bool existsOnDisk () const
tsp00_Namec getClearMasterPwd () const
tcn00_UserNamec getColdUser ()
tsp00_C64c getComment () const
void getData (_TCHAR *pBuffer) const
tsp00_DbNamec getDBName () const
tcn00_UserNamec getDOMAIN ()
tcn00_UserNamec getDOMAINUser ()
tsp00_Uint4 getGUIRights () const
tsp00_C64c getMasterPwd (bool bUncrypt) const
tsp00_CryptPw getMasterPwd () const
tcn00_UserNamec getSAPUser ()
tsp00_C64c getSecondPwd (bool bUncrypt) const
tsp00_CryptPw getSecondPwd () const
tsp00_Uint4 getServerRights () const
tcn00_UserNamec getSYSDBA ()
tcn00_UserNamec getUPCOwner ()
tcn00_UserNamec getUser (tsp00_Uint4 nProperty)
tcn00_UserNamec getUserName () const
bool isColdUser () const
bool isDisabled () const
bool isDOMAIN () const
bool isGUIRight (tsp00_Uint4 const nRights, bool const bAnd=false) const
bool isLoggedOn () const
bool isSAPUser () const
bool isSDBAUser () const
bool isSecondPwd () const
bool isServerRight (tsp00_Uint4 const nRights, bool const bAnd=false) const
bool isThis (tcn00_UserNamec const szUserName) const
const teo200_EventList & lastEvent () const
tcn00_Error listRights (_TCHAR *pBuffer, const _TCHAR *szMode) const
tcn00_Error reload ()
tcn00_Error save (bool bRecover=false)
cn50DBMUsersetColdUser (bool const bValue=true, bool const bUnset=true)
cn50DBMUsersetComment (tsp00_C64c const szValue)
tcn00_Error setData (const _TCHAR *szData)
cn50DBMUsersetDBName (tsp00_DbNamec const szValue)
cn50DBMUsersetDisabled (bool const bValue=true)
cn50DBMUsersetDOMAINUser (bool const bValue=true)
cn50DBMUsersetGUIRights (tsp00_Uint4 const nMask, tsp00_Uint4 const nValues)
cn50DBMUsersetMasterPwd (tsp00_Namec const szValue)
cn50DBMUsersetSAPUser (bool const bValue=true)
cn50DBMUsersetSDBAUser (bool const bValue=true)
cn50DBMUsersetSecondPwd (tsp00_Namec const szValue)
cn50DBMUsersetServerRights (tsp00_Uint4 const nMask, tsp00_Uint4 const nValues)
bool setSupportGroup (tsp00_Namec const &szGroupname)
cn50DBMUsersetUserName (tcn00_UserNamec const szValue)

Static Public Member Functions

static tcn00_UserNamec getColdUser (const tsp00_DbNamec &szDBName)
static tcn00_UserNamec getDOMAIN (const tsp00_DbNamec &szDBName)
static tcn00_UserNamec getDOMAINUser (const tsp00_DbNamec &szDBName)
static tcn00_UserNamec getSAPUser (const tsp00_DbNamec &szDBName)
static tcn00_UserNamec getSYSDBA (const tsp00_DbNamec &szDBName)
static tcn00_UserNamec getUser (const tsp00_DbNamec &szDBName, tsp00_Uint4 nProperty)
static bool isEmpty (const tsp00_DbNamec &szDBName)
static bool tryRestoreIfEmpty (const tsp00_DbNamec &szDBName)

Protected Types

typedef DBMUserData_2 DBMUserData
typedef struct

Protected Member Functions

tcn00_Error convFrom0To1 (const tcn00_UserNamec szUserName, teo28_ProfileContainer &oProfile)
tcn00_Error convFrom1To2 (const tcn00_UserNamec szUserName, teo28_ProfileContainer &oProfile)
tcn00_Error convFromXToX (const tcn00_UserNamec szUserName, teo28_ProfileContainer &oProfile)
tcn00_Error deleteSQLUsr ()
const char * getType () const
bool isDirty () const
tcn00_Error migrateRecord (const tsp00_DbNamec &szDBName, const tcn00_UserNamec &szUserName, const DBMUserData *pHeader)
tcn00_Error reload (DBMUserData &oData, teo28_ProfileContainer &Profile)
tcn00_Error saveColdUsr ()
tcn00_Error saveSQLUsr ()
cn50DBMUsersetRights (char *szValue, tsp00_Uint4 &nValue, RightToTextT RightList[])
void setSizes (DBMUserData &Data) const

Protected Attributes

bool bDirty
bool bExistsOnDisk
bool bLoggedOn
bool bPwdDirty
bool bSecondPwdDirty
DBMUserData Data
teo200_EventList oEvent
tsp00_DbNamec szDBName


struct  DBMUserData_0_Tag
struct  DBMUserData_1_Tag
struct  DBMUserData_2_Tag
struct  DBMUserHeader_Tag
struct  RightToTextT

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