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gen32.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Get Socket Addresses.

JoergM area dump packets
See also:
example.html ...

Definition in file gen32.h.

#include "geo00.h"
#include "gen00.h"
#include "gen003.h"

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externC int sql32_attach_comseg (connection_info *cip)
externC void sql32_lock_comseg (connection_info *cip, char *msg)
externC int sql32_open_kernel_fifo (char *dbname, int *fdp, uid_t *uidp, tsp00_ErrTextc VAR_ARRAY_REF pErrText)
externC int sql32_open_reply_fifo (char *dbname, pid_t pid, tsp00_Int4 ref, char *file, int *fdp, tsp00_ErrTextc VAR_ARRAY_REF pErrText)
externC void sql32_unlock_comseg (connection_info *cip)

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