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gen74.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Initialize Shared Memory Section for Communication.

JoergM area communication_shm
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Definition in file gen74.h.

#include "geo00.h"
#include "geo002.h"
#include "geo70k.h"
#include "gen00.h"
#include "gen003.h"

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externC unsigned long e74_comdata_size (RTE_XPARAM_REC *XParam, long kgs_ukp_count)
externC int e74_create_big_comsegs (void)
externC void e74_init_big_comseg (struct ten50_UKT_Control *this_ukt)
externC void e74_init_comdata (RTE_XPARAM_REC *XParam, int max_sock_conns, teo70k_ClusterInfo *pCluInfo)
externC void e74_print_all_conns (char *hdr)
externC void e74_print_connection (char *hdr, connection_info *cip)
externC void e74_release_comseg (connection_info *cip, struct TASK_TYPE *tcb)

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