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gen81.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Coordinator Process.

JoergM area RTE | Kernel Processes
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Definition in file gen81.h.

#include "gsp00.h"

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Kernel Start and Termination

tsp00_DbNamec en81_dbname
volatile int en81_InCrashSignalHandler
long en81_MemPageSize
int en81_usable_fds
void en81_dump_process_core (void)
 Dump a core of the current process.
int en81_kernel_main (int argc, char *argv[], char *envp[])
 the coordinator main process prepares for all kernel processes/threads.
int en81_kill_database ()
 If the server was in normal operation, try to activate the bufwriter to get dump and trace. When the bufwriter terminates, it's process exits.
void en81_NotifyCoordinator (int tw_gone)
 On normal termination each 'main' thread calls this function to terminate the database.
void en81Abort ()
 This call definitly forces a CoreDump by resetting signal handler and raising signals SIGIOT,SIGBUS and SIGSEGV...
int en81CallDebugger ()
 This call tries to call a debugger, if a debug environment is set. Display must be set to your XDisplay identifier, i.e. p26216.0. Make sure that Display is set to the correct value... depends on the Operating System.
void en81FinalAction ()
 Called in case kernel crashes.
void en81NotifyStarter ()
 This call tries to notify the starter process.
int en81RunKernel (struct ten50_KT_Control *pMain)
 The 'real kernel' main function.
void en81ShowMaxStackUse ()
 This call shows all maximum stack usages is SHOW_MAX_STACK_USE is set.
void en81TimerThreadSleep (tsp00_Int4 SleepPeriod)
 This call enables the timer thread to sleep.
void en81TimerThreadWakeup ()
 This call wakes up the timer thread.

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