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externC void sqlfclosec ( tsp00_Int4  fileHandle,
tsp05_RteCloseOption_Param  option,
tsp05_RteFileError *  ferr 

Closes the specified file.

fileHandle [in] the handle to the file to be closed
option [in] sp5vf_close_normal: no special processing sp5vf_close_rewind: tape files are rewound sp5vf_close_next_tape: tape files are rewound, the tape is ejected and the next tape is loaded. If the loading of the next tape fails (or the device does not support autoloading), err.sp5fe_warning is set to sp5vfw_no_next_tape.
err [out] error information
Any associated ressources (buffers) are released. The runtime environment is free to reuse the value of fhandle for a subsequent sqlfopen.

\ --------------------------------------- MF__ MOD__ (sqlfclose) \

Definition at line 3231 of file veo06.c.

Referenced by cn52ParamHistoryRecord::appendToFile(), cn54DBMTgz::compressDirect(), Tools_Properties::load(), cn52ParamHistoryRecord::readFirst(), DBMSrvBLabel_Label::readLabelFrom(), cn52ParamHistoryRecord::readNext(), sqlffinishc(), Tools_Properties::store(), tcn53_DBAActionDetailLogFile::writeOneEventList(), and cn52ParamHistoryRecord::~cn52ParamHistoryRecord().

#undef MF__
#define MF__ MOD__"sqlfclosec"
    FileT* file;
    tsp05_RteFileError dummy;

    TRCIN_P (("handle %d, option %d\n", fileHandle, option));
    if (ferr == NULL) {
        ferr = &dummy;
    eo06_clearError (ferr);
    if (OUT_OF_ENUM_INL (option, sp5vf_close_normal, sp5vf_close_next_tape)) {
        eo06_paramError (ferr, "option");

    file = eo06_getPointer (&allFilesV, fileHandle);
    if (file == NULL) {
        eo06_ferror (ferr, Invalid_Handle_ErrText);

    eo06_FLUSH_V (file, ferr);
    if (file->cache.membase != NULL) {
        free (file->cache.membase);
    eo06_CLOSE_V (file, option, ferr);
    eo06_freeSlot (&allFilesV, fileHandle);

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