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externC void sqlfopenc ( const char *  rawFName,
tsp05_RteDataKind_Param  dataKind,
tsp05_RteFileMode_Param  fileMode,
tsp05_RteBufferingKind_Param  buffering,
tsp00_Int4 *  fileHandle,
tsp05_RteFileError *  ferr 

Opens a operating system file for reading or writing.

filename [in] The name of the file to be opened. If the file is opened for reading, a name of "-" or "stdin" will use standard input. If the file is opened for writing, a name of "-" or "stdout" will use standard output, "stderr" will use standard error.
dataKind [in] sp5vf_text: the file is interpreted as a sequence of text lines. End of line markers are stripped in read mode. In write mode, an end of line marker is inserted after every write operation. sp5vf_binary: the file is read and written without any interpretation.
fileMode [in] <UL> <LI> sp5vf_read: the file is read starting with the first byte sp5vf_write: the file is truncated (or created), writing starts at the first byte sp5vf_append: writing starts at the end of the file, the file is created if it does not exists.
buffering [in] sp5bk_buffered: sp5bk_unbuffered: sp5bk_disksynced: the runtime environment must guarantee that the data is flushed to disk when sqlfopen returns
fileHandle [out] if the file could be opened, fhandle contains a value to be used in subsequent calls to sqlfread, sqlfwrite, sqlfseek, sqlfclose.
ferr [out] error information
As far as possible with the particular operating system, the runtime environment should be implemented to guarantee the the same file cannot be opened simultaneously by different users for writing purposes.

Definition at line 2817 of file veo06.c.

Referenced by cn54DBMTgz::compressDirect(), Tools_Properties::load(), Tools_Properties::store(), and tcn53_DBAActionDetailLogFile::writeOneEventList().

#undef MF__
#define MF__ MOD__"sqlfopenc"
    char nameBuf [EO06_PATH_MAX_C];

    eo06_sqlfopen (eo06_cookName (nameBuf, sizeof(nameBuf), rawFName, UNDEF),
        NULL, NULL, dataKind, fileMode, buffering, fileHandle, ferr);

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