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externC void sqlfsaveopenc ( const char *  rawFName,
tsp05_RteFileMode_Param  fileMode,
tsp00_Int4 *  buffersize,
tsp00_Int4 *  fileHandle,
void **  bufptr,
tsp05_RteFileError *  ferr 

Opens a database save for reading or writing.

filename [in] The name of the file to be opened.
fileMode [in] sp5vf_read: the file is opened for reading, the "magic record" is skipped sp5vf_write: the file is opened for writing, a "magic record" is written sp5vf_append: the file is opened for reading and writing, the "magic record" is skipped
buffersize [in/out] the assumed buffer size of the save. If the file is opened for reading and this parameter does not match the buffer size inside the "magic record", an error is returned and buffersize contains the size read from the "magic record"
fileHandle [out] if the file could be opened, fhandle contains a value to be used in subsequent calls to sqlfread, sqlfwrite, sqlfseek, sqlfclose.
bufptr [out] all reading/writing on the filehandle must be done through this buffer, as some environments have
ferr [out] error information
The file is always opend binary and unbuffered. This is currently the only reliable way to work with tape files on NT. Although this routine can be used to open devspaces, handling of the magic record is not transparent. Seeking to position 0 and writing data will destroy the magic record.

Definition at line 3176 of file veo06.c.

Referenced by DBMSrvBLabel_Label::readLabelFrom().

#undef MF__
#define MF__ MOD__"sqlfsaveopenc"
    char nameBuf [EO06_PATH_MAX_C];

    eo06_sqlfsaveopen (eo06_cookName (nameBuf, sizeof(nameBuf), rawFName, UNDEF),
        fileMode, buffersize, fileHandle, bufptr, ferr);

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