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t_sp77encoding Struct Reference

#include <hsp77.h>

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Detailed Description

EndChapter: Character constants

Chapter: tsp77encoding_Structure Description: Structure describing a character encoding

An encoding contains all features and member functions needed for sprintf to work properly except conversion between other encodings.

Definition at line 209 of file hsp77.h.

Public Attributes

int(* asciiCopy )(void **target, unsigned int *targetLength, const char *literal, unsigned int literalLength)
const tsp77charTable *const charTable
unsigned int(* countPadChars )(void *target, unsigned int targetLength, char padChar)
const char ** encodingClass
const int EncodingType
void(* fillString )(void **target, unsigned int *targetLength, unsigned int padLength, char padChar)
int fixedCharacterSize
int(* isAscii7 )(const void *testCharacter)
int(* isBlank )(const void *testCharacter)
int(* isControl )(const void *testCharacter)
int(* isSpace )(const void *testCharacter)
int(* stringComplete )(const void *buffer, unsigned int bufferLengthInBytes, unsigned int *completeLengthInBytes)
int(* stringInfo )(const void *buffer, unsigned int bufferLength, int bufferLengthIsInBytes, unsigned int *charLength, unsigned int *byteLength, int *isTerminated, int *isCorrupted, int *isExhausted)
int terminatorSize
const char * whichEncodingClass

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