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veo011.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Helper routines for C++ RTE Checks created 000-06-06 9:33.

JoergM area "Client C++ RTE: Checks"
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Definition in file veo011.c.

#include <stdio.h>
#include "gsp00_0.h"

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static void eo01_Abort ()
static void eo01_MessageAbort (char *msg, int msglen)
void sqlk_assert (int kind, int lineno, const char *filename, const char *condition)
teo00_Longint sqlk_rangeviolation (teo00_Longint val, teo00_Longint minVal, teo00_Longint maxVal, int lineno, const char *fileName)


static const char * AssertMessages_c []

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