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veo02.c File Reference

Detailed Description

JoergM area Interface for handle shared library functions
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Definition in file veo02.c.

#include "heo02x.h"
#include "gip00.h"
#include "hsp77.h"
#include <limits.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

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#define _INLINE   __inline
#define ENV_BUFFER_SIZE_MXEO02   4096
#define FALSE   0
#define TRUE   1


static void eo02GetErrorText (const char *DLFunction, int ErrorValue, char *ErrText, int cbLenErrText)
static int eo02ModifySearchPath (char *szExtPath, char *szOldPath)
static char * eo02SplitPathFromFullName (char *szFullName, char *szPath, char *szModule)
static void eo02UndoModifySearchPath (char *szOldPath)
boolean sqlFreeLibrary (HANDLE hLib, char *ErrText, int cbLenErrText)
 unloads a shared library
sqlPROC sqlGetProcAddress (HANDLE hLib, const char *szSqlFunction, char *ErrText, int cbLenErrText)
 determines the address of a funtcion from a shared library
HANDLE sqlLoadLibrary (char *szPath, char *ErrText, int cbLenErrText)
 loads a shared library
HANDLE sqlLoadLibraryEx (char *szPath, int Mode, char *ErrText, int cbLenErrText)

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