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veo131.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Program to set/clear/list XUSER file content PTS 1109583 created 000-10-18 9:06.

J. Mensing (jrg) area XUSER File

Definition in file veo131.c.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "gsp00.h"
#include "heo12.h"
#include "geo13.h"
#include "heo13.h"
#include "hsp02.h"
#include "hsp77.h"
#include "hsp78_0.h"
#include "hsp83.h"
#include "hsp100.h"

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#define fgetws   localFgetws
#define MAX_FGETWS_BUFFER   1024
#define STRING_BUFFER_SIZE   256
#define TEXT_FILE_UCS2_INTRO   ((const unsigned short)0xFEFFU)


typedef unsigned short UCS2CHAR


enum  xuser_action { action_set = 0, action_list = 1, action_clear = 2 }


static bool Ascii8Copy (unsigned char *destAscii8, const unsigned short *srcUCS2, int srcLen)
static int c_main (int argc, char *argv[])
static void clearSingleEntry (tsp4_xuserkey key, SAPDB_Char *accountName)
static wchar_t * fgetUCS2s (bool isUCS2, UCS2CHAR *buffer, FILE *fp)
static wchar_t * fgetws (wchar_t *WString, int Number, FILE *Stream)
static char * GetQuotedArgumentUppercase (char *argumentBuffer)
static void listAllEntries (SAPDB_Char *accountName)
static void listSingleEntry (tsp4_xuserkey key, SAPDB_Char *accountName)
static wchar_t * localFgetws (wchar_t *WString, int Number, FILE *Stream)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
static void parseBatchFile (char const *filename, SAPDB_Char *accountName)
static int parseNumber (const char *explain, unsigned int maxNumber)
static void parseString (const char *explain, unsigned char *dest, int maxChars)
static SAPDB_UInt4 parseStringC (SAPDB_Char const *explain, SAPDB_Char *dest)
static void parseUsernamePassword (tsp00_KnlIdentifier username, tsp00_KnlIdentifier password)
static void printEntry (int which, tsp4_xuser_record *pEntry)
static void readAllEntries (SAPDB_Char *accountName)
static int readNumber (bool isUCS2, FILE *fp, wchar_t **pReadResult, int *pInsertEntry, const char *explain, unsigned int maxNumber)
static void readString (bool isUCS2, FILE *fp, wchar_t **pReadResult, int *pInsertEntry, const char *explain, unsigned char *dest, int maxChar)
static void readUsernamePassword (bool isUCS2, FILE *fp, wchar_t **pReadResult, int *pInsertEntry, tsp00_KnlIdentifier username, tsp00_KnlIdentifier password)
static void showVersion ()
static bool skipUCS2intro (FILE *fp, bool *isUCS2)
static void updatePasswordRecord (tsp00_KnlIdentifier passwordUCS2, struct tsp4_xuser_record *paramUserRecord)
static void updateUserRecord (struct tsp4_xuser_record *paramUserRecord, SAPDB_Char *accountName)
static void Usage (int longHelp)
static void Usage ()


static tsp4_xuser_record allEntries [REL611_MX_XUSER_ENTRIES+1]
static int beVerbose = 0
static int entriesFound = 0
char * optarg
int optind
static int usePureAscii8 = 0

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